E5 Bakehouse

E5 Bakehouse is a gem in the E8 neighbourhood.  Yes, the name is misleading as it is in the E8 area, but names aside, it is tucked under the railway arches of London Fields.  Not the easiest place to access but luckily since I already live in East London, I didn’t mind the trek.

 E5 Bakehouse– near London Fields Station 

E5 is a good representation of the trendy hipster/laid back East London atmosphere- it has an open kitchen and a young and friendly staff eager to serve their customers.

The open kitchen – with the bread dough fermenting in the plastic boxes 

Approaching the counter I am immediately tempted by the array of sweets and pastries.  However I came to E5 to sample what they are famous for.  SOURDOUGH.Image

The sweet counter (mmmmmmmmmm- it took willpower to resist!) 

We immediately brought their signature Hackney Wild loaf – which is essentially a classic pain de campagne.  Actually sorry, ‘essentially’ really downplays how amazing the loaf was – as biting into the Hackney Wild was a revelation.   The Hackney Wild had a very crisp crust which provided a nice contrast to the chewy interior whilst the tartness of the bread only really came at the end as a lingering taste.  This was unlike the San Francisco sourdoughs that I was familiar with growing up in North America where acidity from the yeast permeates through each bite from beginning to end.Image

1/2 loaf of sourdough, freshly brewed coffee and Teapigs tea 

E5 also uses the sourdough as a base for other types of bread too some of which include walnut and raisin, baguettes, multigrain.  It seems that their potato bread is also very popular as the woman ahead of me in the queue was rather frantic about whether she had made it in time to claim any remaining potato breads left from the morning bake.Image


Apart from the sourdough, we decided to also sample their focaccia.  The focaccia was lovely as well- pillowy, soft, with a good chew.Image

The Focaccia- so soft and pillowy, I could sleep on it… 

After being satisfied from the two breads we purchased, we decided to sample the ciabatta.  Although the ciabatta was good, it was airy and very similar to the focaccia just without the seasoning and herbs.Image

The Ciabatta.  

E5 also has a lunch menu and sells sandwiches probably twice the size of the normal prepackaged sandwiches.   However since I was so busy enjoying their loaves, I forgot to take pictures of their lunch offerings (oops).

For those who just want to sample the bread (ie. me and my mom) E5 offers an array of spreads to help add another dimension whilst tasting the bread.Image

The spreads- homemade raspberry jam, nutella, homemade peanut butter, manuka honey

I definitely recommend E5 Bakehouse.  At the end of lunch, I think my mom and I probably demolished enough bread to feed a family for a week (approximately two loaves) and we left as very happy customers 🙂
The bread is definitely addictive even on its own and this is clear from the endless stream of customers coming into the bakery.Image

“All sorrows are less with bread.” – Miguel de Cervantes

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E5 Bakehouse

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