After my prescribing exam, I was desperate in search of comfort food.  Coming from Canada, my definition of comfort food involves a good old chocolate chip cookie which has become an exam staple for the past couple of years.  Unfortunately this has been hard to find in London.

Therefore, I knew immediately that I wanted to eat at Princi during my Soho walk at lunch when I saw their chocolate chip cookies.    But lets save the chocolate chip story for a bit later along the post …

The chocolate chip cookies- plain/ double dark/ walnut

Princi is no stranger to the Soho scene- it is a Milanese bakery with an ‘elegant’ canteen feel as the walls in the seating area are lined with fountains whilst you eat at marble stone tablesThey have also recently opened an area serving wood-fired oven pizza. Princi serves a variety of cakes to savory items such as pizza, salads, hot counter items (ie. meatballs, pasta) and artisanal breads.


With the memory of the amazing focaccia I had from E5 Bakehouse the other day, the pizza from Princi immediately caught my attention as the dough base seemed to display that same fluffy and airy consistency of the E5 Bakehouse focaccia and ciabatta.
050Any frustrations I had about exams all disappeared as I bit into the pizza.  The dough had a great texture to it, and I liked the tomato sauce, rocket and tuna combination.  My only complaint was that I wished it were served warm.
037The rocket tomato tuna pizza

We also tried their multigrain baguette which was studded with not only poppy seeds but perhaps quinoa which added an extra crunch and flavour to the exterior.   It was also of a sourdough base however the interior had a much more subtle sour flavour and less of a chew compared to E5 Bakehouse.
038A now I guess comes my chocolate chip story.  After a long anticipated wait (i didn’t have any form of cookies for three weeks) I happily purchased the chocolate chip walnut cookie and also the pistachio cake.  I immediately bit into the cookie, and to my dismay the cookie was not chewy but rather quite difficult to bite into.  The cookie itself was rather bland in taste (I felt like I was eating a very buttery cookie without sugar). But luckily parts of the cookie were saved by the chocolate.   In hindsight I should have anticipated for such a result.  I shouldn’t expect to find an ‘Americanized’ cookie at an Italian bakery…
053sigh.  the disappointment. 

The pistachio cake on the other hand was amazing.  There was a layer of jelly glaze on top with canned peaches followed by crushed pistachio paste and a pastry shell lining the bottom.  Whatever disappointment the chocolate chip cookie gave was remedied by this pistachio cake.
052I would love to return to Princi and sample their other offerings- their strawberry tarts seemed quite popular and many people opted for their salads too.

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.

– Luciano Pavarotti

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