Androuet is a small artisanal cheese shop located in Old Spitafield’s market.  Apart from selling cheese, they have a small restaurant with an extensive menu incorporating cheese into many of their dishes.


For starters, we had a salad as an attempt to be ‘healthy’ in preparation for the cheese feast ahead.

We had the Portobello mushrooms, blue cheese (bleu d’Auvergne) with walnuts, pears and celery salad. Although this dish was good, it was not outstanding so I only had half a mushroom to save room.We also had the fried mozzarella accompanied with red-pepper puree.  My friends enjoyed this appetizer however I found it a bit rich.

Choosing the mains was a dilemma.  As there were only three of us (and our greedy stomachs wanted to sample everything) we had a difficult time deciding but ultimately ended up getting  the Androuet Fondue, with the in house flavoured Trufflew cheese.



The fondue comes with fresh bread, a selection of crackers, charcuterie including salami and parma ham, and crudites such as a small selection of vegetables.  As advertised, the fondue is really the star of the show – it had a strong taste which was not too overwhelming which nicely complemented with the bread.  My friend found the charcuterie board a bit disappointing and I know the crackers are ones I can find from Waitrose (although they are of the more expensive variety)- but nonetheless the fondue was very very very very satisfying, especially along with the prosecco bottle that we had ordered (to top off this indulgent meal).

The trufflew cheese was also very nice- its a soft cheese with subtle tones of truffle flavours.  Paired with the pear the cheese also has a sweet pleasant after taste too.


We didn’t want the meal to end.   Despite feeling full to the brim, we insisted on getting dessert.  I highly recommend the pistachio ice cream – there was a very strong pistachio flavour and you could easily tell that there was no skimping on the quantity of pistachio used.

I would easily go back to Androuet for another cheese- fuelled feast.  Other items of their menu that I would have loved to try include  the Raclette, and Camembert baked with almonds, honey and pears.

Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.

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