Fabrique is a Swedish bakery that has recently opened in Hoxton, London in Dec 2012.  Similar to E5, they specialize in sourdough.

However bringing in the Scandinavian element, they also do dark rye, cinammon and cardamom bread in a unique twist/ braid style.

The selection of bread
In contrast to both Princi and E5, Fabrique bread is slightly priced higher.   We tried the walnut sourdough based baguette.   The baguette had a very nice crisp texture with an abundance of walnut scattered throughout the interior
003Cinnamon and Cardamom buns- looking very photogenic in their braids.  012

Olive and Gruyere cheese bread
020Again, the bread was also very good and the burnt exterior added an additional smoky flavour.  Olive oil was also used in making this bread providing it with a softer and moister texture in contrast to the baguette.

Cinammon bread was good but not as outstanding as the ones offered at Nordic Bakery-since it was a bit too sweet for my taste.
002Cardamom bread- life changing.
 However, the cardamom bread on the other hand…. Wow.   I have never had this combination before and I was so in love with it that after leaving the bakery and walking a couple metres away I immediately went back to buy a second for dinner.
Fabrique also does a selection of lunch sandwiches.  But I would say that I was much more tempted by their baked goods and fresh breads on display for lunch.
018Would I go back to Fabrique?  Yes.  because I am in love with the cardamom bread.

and maybe perhaps I would like to try their chocolate chip cookie.  (still in the search for good ones in London!)

I am not a glutton.  I am an explorer of food.  – Erma Bombeck

(although one could argue that extra cardamom bun was not necessary but I could say that it provided a very satisfying end to my dinner :D)

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