Korean BBQ special! – Toronto

Summer can’t go without a barbeque can it? To compensate for our lack of a barbeque ever since we moved from Toronto, our immediate fix was Korean barbeque which we had twice within the span of one week! (That’s how bad we were craving for it)

We headed to a childhood destination, Sariwon, a Korean restaurant that specializes in BBQ located also near the Korean neighbourhood where we stayed at.

We started off with a salad.   Asian styled salads are all about the dressing since there are minimal ingredients to perk the dish up.   The dressing in this was very addictive- and to this day I still cannot tease out all the exact flavours.  What I can tell you is that there is a mixture of the usual: vinegar, ground garlic and ginger, sugar and the secret ingredients that make it so yummy.

Look at the banchan assortment!  You can easily just get full from eating this- and its also unlimited too!


My mom’s staple dish. Here’s is the mixing process unfolding.  Squish egg.

Add hot sauce. And serve!

Unfortunately the bimbimbap came not piping hot- it should have a sizzling noise when served to demonstrate the cooking of the rice by the hot stone pot.  Luckily, the server was more than happy to reheat the stone bowl for us.  To order their BBQ dishes, Sariwon requires a minimum of two BBQ orders.

LA Kalbi Marinated and Beef tongue
The Kalbi was amazing.  The marinade was sweet which allowed the Kalbi to caramelize on the grill.  The Kalbi was also lightly marbled with fat making it very tender and melt in your mouth delicious.

Wrap it up with lettuce and spring onions with some complimentary sauce provided and you are good to go!

Unfortunately, the tongue was cut up into little pieces (which we found unnecessary) making it hard to grill since they would fall through the grill gaps easily.  Also, we lose that lovely bouncy texture since the pieces were so small.

We were also served complimentary soontofu as a palette refresher after eating all that meat and purple grain rice.

Our meal ended off with a cinnamon based drink – it was a bit too sweet for my liking though.

Round 1 at Sariwon left us with bellies full of Korean BBQ goodness.

But now, Round 2 at… Sushi Mori!

Sushi Mori  is located in the Greater Toronto Area in a plaza called First Markham Place.  Sushi mori is a relatively new restaurant, and don’t be decieved by the name!  It serves a combination of Japanese and Korean dishes.


Again, Banchan is all complimentary with unlimited refills.  London Korean restaurants- please take note of this!  We should not be charged extra for Banchan!!

23-piece Assorted Sashimi boat

The sashimi boat was very fresh – my favourite was one with yellow roe.

Amaebi (sweet shrimp)

I didn’t have any of this since my brother was desperately craving for them and I thought he deserved as much Amaebi as he could get.

Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) + LA Kalbi

We wanted to be a bit different this time (we usually order Kalbi, Bulgogi or tongue) and seeing that Pork Belly seemed to always be a Korean favourite, we tried it this time.

Hmmm it was… extreeeemely fatty.  The first few bites were really really good but so indulgent.  Then it got a bit … too fatty for my taste.  The Kalbi was good too however, Sariwon’s was much leaner in comparison which I preferred more since I can eat more without feeling full so quickly.   I loved the service at Sushi Mori.  The waitresses were very attentive and kindly offered to keep our BBQ dishes to the side whilst we were finishing the sashimi boat. 317
Again, there was soontofu served with the BBQ. The soontofu at Sushi Mori here was better than Sariwon since the broth was more flavourful and came out bubbling hot. ( i think you can tell from the difference between the pictures which one looks better)

BBQ wise I liked my experience at Sariwon more.  Except I think Sushi Mori excels in the non-BBQ dishes that they offer.  I especially loved the fact that there was a sashimi option as well at Sushi Mori just in case if you have a foodie dilemma and can’t choose between Japanese or Korean for dinner that evening.

Argh.  Please take me back to Toronto NOW.

Sariwon Korean BBQ Restuarant on Urbanspoon


Korean BBQ special! – Toronto

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