Rainy days – sushi, pizza and italian comforts- Toronto

Summer in Toronto this year was overshadowed with one week of non-stop torrential rain and thunderstorms.  During those evenings, we were often stuck in traffic for hours and the idea of having to go home and cook seemed like extra effort.

So, this is what we opted on those rainy days for meal time….

Ichiban sushi delivery (most awesome delivery ever- wish this existed in Hong Kong or in the UK…. and the sushi was of great value and very fresh too).
The excitement of opening the wrapping (after 3+ hours in the car)

32-piece deluxe platter
190 - Copy


Haha and round two!

Hwae-dup bap (korean chirashi sushi/ sashimi + korean hot sauce + sesame oil drizzle + rice)

This gigantic box all for around $10!

Pizza Pizza is an Ontario pizza delivery institution.  Whilst they may not serve the best pizzas, I grew up eating these in school events, at basketball or baseball games and at home for delivery.

Cheese pizza


They were offering unique flavours for the summer and I opted for the brushcetta pizza

On the worst day of the rain filled week (ie. power-outages, floods) instead of takeout we cleverly decided to strategically eat out at a restaurant instead thinking there would be less people out than in (and we were right… but paid the price of the additional one hour drive back home).  We went to Grazie, a local Italian restaurant in the Yonge and Eglinton area known for their home made pasta and home-styled Italian meals.

Starter- mussels in white wine sauce
Napoletena- linguini with shrimps and clam

Assisi- Fettucini with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes

Chocolate chip banana cake

Creme brulee cheesecake

You can’t really go wrong with a meal at Grazie.  The pasta all freshly made in house had a perfect eggy taste and al-dente texture. The desserts are from La Rocca which serve gigantic North-American styled cakes.

Rainy days don’t seem too bad when you have good food and company 🙂

Ichiban Empress Walk on Urbanspoon

Pizza Pizza on Urbanspoon

Grazie Ristorante on Urbanspoon

Rainy days – sushi, pizza and italian comforts- Toronto

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