the return to London – but still Asian at heart

I’ve been back in London, finally part of the real working world meaning that i’ve been getting a bit(very) lazy about keeping up my blogging habits. But, considering today is the last day on my annual leave I finally feel a bit re-inspired again to start blogging again. I’ve still kept a journal off all the food I have sampled, and looking through my phone, I think this post should be dedicated towards all those weekends that I had off sampling Asian fare with a friend that I am so so so lucky to have by my side through all these years.

Bone Daddies.
Miso Ramen (another friend of mine also ordered a Tonkotsu which… i didn’t take a picture of but the broth was super creamy and hearty according to her account)20130825_141750

Char Siu Bao

Stir fried aubergines20130826_123711

Egg Fried Rice20130826_123720

Xiao long bao20130826_123627

Wontons dressed in Chili oil 20130826_124548

Mandarin kitchen (lured in by the 15 pound lobster deal) 
Pork belly with vineagar dipping sauce food
Salt-pepper fried tofu20130826_184216
Lobster noodles 20130826_190249
Morning glory 20130826_190257

Kamo (duck breast) 20130929_135348
Buta miso (pork)20130929_135352
Hiya – Atsu with kinoko (mushroom miso + cold udon in hot broth)20130929_135343

Bar Shu
Kung Pao Chicken20131027_135643
Five spice wuxi spare ribs 20131027_135648
Pigs ears 20131027_135657
*note and there was a dan dan noodle dish as well which was quickly devoured before photo opportunity…

– we also frequented the atari ya near bond street (a favourite) for their ever so reliable chirashi sushi (nom nom nom)

As much as we both enjoy the culinary diversity of London, Asian food always strike close to the heart for comfort.   London’s Asian food scene has become much more developed since my arrival to the UK in 2007- enough for me to now frequent different restaurants now on a weekly basis!

Bone Daddies on Urbanspoon

Yauatcha on Urbanspoon

Mandarin Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Bar Shu on Urbanspoon

the return to London – but still Asian at heart

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