Borough Market

Lets take a tiny little break from Hong Kong and travel back again to London.
I love London markets and in particular, Borough Market has always been a reliable favourite (apart from the crowding on Saturdays).  And you can see here why I love it so much!

This is only a brief snapshot. I missed out on capturing many of the more ‘meaty’ fare offered (as my mind was clearly in dessert mode)
Truffles ….

Truffle oil and honey

Funghi heaven


L’artisan du Chocolat– two pounds for a bag of ‘misshapened’ chocolate. Still amazingly delightful and always a go to chocolatier for me considering the price and quality.  If you are lucky, sometimes the bags contain their signature salted caramel pearls!

Bakery goods

The chocolate chip cookies here at this stall are my favourite in London- I came here after my week long night shifts pre-Bologna for some good old fashion comfort food. Don’t let the picture deceive you, these cookies are huge, at least 3x the size of a standard chocolate chip cookie.



Turkish stall

Cured sausages

One of the MANY cheese stalls.

another ONE of the MANY fruit stalls.

and when my dessert craving finally peaked, I came across a newly opened Thai stall!

They were selling freshly made to order Kanom Krok (Grilled Coconut Hot cakes)


I purchased a mix of chives and corn. The texture of these cakes were slightly chewy but light.

Another occasion, I visited Borough Market to try the critically acclaimed Elliot’s Cafe. They are famous for their burger – however as many people have already blogged about it, I decided to focus a bit on the other dishes on their menu. The menu changes according to the seasonal market produce.
They are also famed for their in-house sourdough. hmmmmm AMAAZING.

Since my trip to Venice I’ve been obsessed with Squid ink. Hence Squid, black barley and green olive gremolata (essentially like pesto) was a no brainer

Accompanied with Hedgehog Mushrooms, chestnuts and polenta. Another outstanding dish which left me licking the plate for more!

We wanted to order a large plate to share too but the two carb heavy plates left us feeling quite full.

Writing this post is actually making me salivate…. hmmmmmm

Elliot's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Borough Market

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