Pizza Pilgrims

A little break from Asian food shall we? and lets go back to London for some.. Italian!

Neapolitan pizza has been all the rage in the foodie world lately.  Ever since watching ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ a few years back seeing Julia Roberts devour hers at the famed Italian establishment L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Neapolitan pizza has been one of my favourite / special meals to have – which is also why I don’t have it very often since it makes each occasion that much more special.

Prior to creating this blog, I had been to Franca Manca in Brixton for their famous sourdough Neapolitan styled pizzas.  Still fondly remembering the experience, I turned to Pizza Pilgrims in Soho – an establishment which started out as a humble street food van turning into a full restaurant affair from their street success.  Sandwiched in between two other pizzerias, Pizza Express and Soho Joe, Dean street surely has become a pizza battleground for the three restaurants.

The main seating area was downstairs.  The setting was quite dim and rather noisy though…

We ordered two pizzas- pizza Bufala

Aubergine Parmigiana

The eggplant pizza was their featured item; and it was a disappointing pizza.. scarcely dotted with eggplant (ok fine, I will call it aubergine since we are in Europe) which made this topping quite pointless as you could barely taste the ‘aubergine’ as it was overpowered by the stronger flavours of cheese and tomato.

Unfortunately, the mozeralla pizza was not cooked as well as the eggplant as demonstrated from the extent of charring or ‘leoparding’ seen on the base.
The Bufala

The Aubergine Parmigiana
The mozzarella also wasn’t bubbling hot, and had lost is melting consistency (it was rather gummy by the time I started eating it) suggesting perhaps the pizza was left on the counter for a bit too long after being removed from the oven.

There’s been longstanding debate whether Neopolitan pizza should or should not be soupy. It appears Pizza Pilgrims have adopted the soupy philosophy in the centre, But, think I prefer a much more crisper base similar to what I had at Franca Manca.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed in Pizza Pilgrims.  Perhaps it has been a victim of its own success; the pizzas not achieving consistency due to the volume of demands. There’s Soho Joe next door also known for pretty good Neapolitan pizzas too… maybe one to put on my wishlist.

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Pizza Pilgrims

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