Dim sum on top of the world (in Hong Kong)

On this trip to Hong Kong, I found myself much more interested in rustic Chinese eateries rather than visiting the more modern and hyped up restaurants.

Looking for a unique dining experience, we travelled to Hong Kong’s tallest mountain: Tai mo Shan – not for hiking, but for dim sum.

Choi Lung Restaurant is located at the mountain’s mid-levels providing a resting sanctuary and fuel-up for hikers before they continue their ascent up the steep slopes.  The restaurant is very old-school.

You go up to a counter and essentially serve everything yourself.

Down to the pots of tea. Selection of tea leaves

Rinsing the tea pot And the cutlery

Selection of goods to choose from- you pick and point


Hmm rows and stacks of fresh dim sum waiting to be devoured!

Freshly made Cheung Fun on the spot!


Excited by the novelty and experience at the restaurant, we definitely over ordered. Cheung Fun with soya sauce – fresh but the cheung fun lacked elasticity and a firm texture

My staple Chiu Chow dumpling- not very good since the skin was not chewy and skin not as transluscent

Siu Mai

Beef Ball

Pan Fried Aubergine with Fish paste

Steamed rice with chicken feet and ribs.
Cow tripe – as I said everything was fresh.  See all that steam coming out!

Ma Lai Gao – this was really yummy- the brown sugar used really made the cake flavours stand out.

Sesame roll- As a child, I always used to call these film- rolls.   The most fun way to have them is unravelling the roll and eating them like a fruit roll up.

Since you are dining in the mountains, FAR from any supermarkets, the vegetables are literally picked straight from a neighbours garden that day.  Hence a plate of veges was a must order. Fresh vegetables are much sweeter in taste and have a crisper texture.  I couldn’t stop munching away on this!

After the extremely filling dim sum meal we took a stroll around the area. Since we were up near the peak, the air was extremely refreshing in contrast to the city polluted air I consume day to day living in Hong Kong, and London. To our surprise, we encountered a small group of goats snuggling up beside a black car! (making us laugh at the thought whether goats have mistaken the car for a big mama goat…)

I recommend for anyone visiting Hong Kong to try this novel dim sum experience. Although Choi Lung isn’t the easiest place to reach (apparently you have to take a bus from Tsuen Wan or the other option is to hike) its definitely worth the trek for the amazing views,

Dim sum on top of the world (in Hong Kong)

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